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Our company is a professional engaged in food machinery research and development, manufacture and sale of the company. We has been made great progress in enterprise scale and product range since we established in 2014.We aim at design and manufacture high-quality food processing machinery ,like vegetable and fruit ,potato ,onion washers, cutters, shredders, and meat processing machinery ,like fish processing ,meat cutter and meat grinder, etc .we always strive for excellent products and the sat...
Featured Products
Industrial double head vegetable cutting machine potato chip machine (TS-Q118)
Large stainless steel vegetable and fruit washing machine potato washing machine (TS-X300)
Large ozone vegetable and fruit washing machine (TS-X300)
High efficiency corn thresher Sweet corn sheller (TS-W168)
Industrial stainless steel corn sheller Fresh corn thresher machine (TS-W168)
Stainless steel commercial fresh corn threshing machine (TS-W168)
Stainless Steel Automatic Cooked Maize Sweet Corn Threshing Machine (TS-W168L)
Factory Supply Automatic Sweet Corn Threshing Machine for Sale (TS-W168L)
Industrial stainless steel apple papaya banana fruit dicing silk machine (TS-P18S)
Pineapple papaya fruit dicing machine Potato carrot cutting machine (TS-P18S)
Persimmon apple kiwi fruit peeling machine (TS-P18S)
Multifunctional persimmon kiwi fruit peeler potato peeler food processing equipment (TS-P18S)
Apple and persimmon kiwi fruit peeling machine Potato peeling machine food processor (TS-P18S)
Commercial stainless steel persimmon peeler Fruit peeling machine (TS-P18S)
Best price potato shredder dicing machine slicer for sale (TS-Q180D)
Large stainless steel taro cucumber dicing machine (TS-Q180D)
Industrial stainless steel fruit and vegetable dicing machine (TS-Q180D)
Large commercial stainless steel fruit cutting machine Banana cutting machine (TS-Q180D)
Commercial stainless steel vegetable cutter potato dicing machine (TS-Q180)
Industrial taro dicing machine slicer root vegetables processing equipment (TS-Q180)
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